EMI - Enrollment guidelines (in English)

In order to enrol in the English programme in Law, Economics and Institution, within the Master degree (Laurea Magistrale) in Economics, Management and Institutions (EMI), a GMAT test (with a score equal or above 550 points) it is required for the international students holding an undergraduate degree from universities located outside the European Union.

For the International Students who passed the GMAT test  (with a score >=550 points) and who require the issuing of an Italian student VISA, the deadline to apply for enrolment is Agust 31, 2021 (for the academic year 2021-22). Such an early deadline is required in order to properly enable the students to attend the classes at the start of the academic year (third week of September 2021).

For applications and enquiries, write to professor Daniele Bondonio (who is the scientific coordinator of the master degree:  daniele.bondonio@uniupo.it).